of York

A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Public Accountability

Program Outcomes Measurements for Success:

 With an 80% success rate, Bridge of Hope locations have proven that caring persons can be trained to be effective mentors for homeless families and end homelessness for the long term.

Each participant’s success in Bridge of Hope is measured by the achievement of the following outcome-based objectives, using a Family Stability Scale:

  1. Has the family attained and maintained housing?
  2. Has the woman attained financial stability through employment, budgeting and through the securing of adequate transportation, child-care and health insurance?
  3. Has the family developed a support network through mentors and other people?
  4. Has the woman grown in areas of holistic living, including parenting and emotional/motional/spiritual/physical health?


Financial Accountability:

Bridge of Hope York County has a board of 11 people. The board members are highly committed to the work of the organization. One hundred percent of board members are committed to supporting the organization by donating financially and giving of their time throughout the year.

Because Bridge of Hope York County is committed to operating with the principles of integrity and transparency, we are willing to provide additional as many evaluative measurement reports or financial disclosure forms as deemed necessary for our partners and potential partners.

As we begin to serve families again in 2014, we will post our annual IRS Form 990s and financial reviews here for public accountability as well.