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Host A Bridge of Hope Night


BOH Night. StillMeadow City Campus.

BOH Night. StillMeadow City Campus.

What is a Bridge of Hope Night?

Bridge of Hope nights are a monthly meeting of mentoring groups, families and staff. This time is used to enjoy a meal together, worship, fellowship and engage in a biblically based learning experience. Below are some basic criteria and a general outline of how a typical Bridge of Hope night is run. If you are interested in hosting, please contact our office by phone or email. We’ll walk you through step by step.


4th Monday of Every Month ( Except May, July and December)


Time:  6pm-8:15pm- We respect your time and your need to return to your families.  We insist on being out of your building by 8:15pm.

Meal      Meal served at 6:15, after announcements and prayer

Plan to feed 30-40 people. If you chose to host more than once this number may change based on the number of families and mentoring groups- We will contact you in one month prior to confirm the actual numbers.

We currently have no special dietary needs, whatever you choose to serve, will be fine.

We encourage you to use disposable dinnerware, where permissible.

We invite the volunteers who have prepared and serve the meal to join us during dinner, if they wish.

We invite the Pastor, Coordinator or other appointed church representative to Welcome the Bridge of Hope Group if they wish, but is not required.

Meal ends at 7:00pm- Children are dismissed to your designated childcare area.

Childcare:      Hosting Church Provides: Childcare Workers Space and Activities

Children vary in age from newborn- 14 years of age. If you need exact numbers and ages of children, for planning we are happy to provide this to you. We usually have this confirmed two weeks prior to gathering.

Children should be engaged in age appropriate activities. We encourage biblically centered learning/fun, but a formal curriculum is not needed.

Meeting Space/Agenda     

Instructional time from 7:10pm- 8:00 pm

It is permissible to eat and meet in the same area, provided it does not provide a hardship to the host church. It is important that this area be private, as confidential matters can arise. (foyers, or open gathering spaces are typically not appropriate gathering areas) If this is a concern please contact the Bridge of Hope office. Please return children to parents at 8:05pm.

Special Equipment

Bridge of Hope may request the use of a TV/DVD/VCR/Microphone/Lecturn on occasion for the instructional portion of the gathering. If your church does not have access to such technology, Bridge of Hope will make alternate arrangements.  We will contact you two weeks before the event to confirm our needs.

A microphone may be needed depending on the size of the space you allow us to meet in. We often invite speakers who need the amplification in order to be heard!

Pictures and Privacy

Bridge of Hope maintains the highest level of confidentiality for our families and mentoring groups. Once a participant family graduates, it is permissible for the family to conduct public interviews, have pictures placed in newsletters, etc. However, we ask the hosting church to refrain from taking photographs or disclosing last names or specific details about the family to anyone.  Email us at www.yorkboh.org

If you prefer Bridge of Hope would be delighted to help construct a newsletter article or church announcement to highlight the new BOH night partnership between Bridge of Hope and  your church  for your use.

Thanking you for helping us to “end and prevent homelessness, one church, one family at a time”

Blessings in His Name,

Board of Directors