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A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

A Bridge of Stories

Pamela’s Story- God’s Story!iStock_000009374798Medium

This is not a story about circumstances, but character: hers, theirs, mine.  She could have complained. After all, her circumstances were tough. This was home.

They were stuck in this hell hole of an attic, the only place her family would let her have. It wasn’t even weatherized.  It was an oven in Summer, a freezer in winter.   For this they took nearly all of her teacher’s aide paycheck and wished not to be bothered.

Her family was abusive and dysfunctional, only worse than the husband who left her and their baby for another woman in the middle of winter.  He took every cent they had. He told her he had wanted her to be a stay-at-home mom.  She complied, closing her business to do so.  Now she had nothing.  She couldn’t pay for heat or rent and faced eviction shortly thereafter.

She and her baby daughter hung out anywhere but in that miserable room.  She said not a word. She kept it all a secret, determined to survive and trust Me. She showed strength, faith, and character like another who suffered silently; abandoned and alone…My Son.

When it got even worse, she confided in her pastor who found Bridge of Hope, a place and a people I prepared just for her.

After six years of suffering and pain, she was entered the Bridge of Hope program in 2010.  With  temporary rent assistance, she stepped into their new apartment, the first and only real home her daughter had ever known.  They lifted her, worked with her and helped her to plan a new life!

Bridge of Hope also prepared people, a group of mentors from a local church, to befriend and encourage Pamela in her journey.  I prepared their hearts! They were called from their own busy, complex lives to glorify Me by loving Pamela. I am glorified when my people demonstrate their character, My character

All bonded and grew together; Pamela and her daughter, The Bridge of Hope staff, the mentors, and all who supported these efforts with time, skills,  and donations. And they bloomed together. Look inside…

So this is the story of Pamela’s Secret, of those who blessed and were blessed.  And today, they are still blessed.  Pamela graduated a short while ago on May 21, 2012.  She was surrounded by her Bridge of Hope friends and family who will not fade away.  I was there as her biggest cheerleader!

You and people like you have had the opportunity to help write the happy endings to these stories. Would you like to do some more?

Two new moms are just entering the Bridge of Hope program.  That means two mentor groups have been trained and prepared.  It will cost about $15,000 per year per mom as they go through the program.  That’s $60,000 to get these two mothers through the two year program.  You can make a one time or recurring donation to help them

There are about 400 homeless moms and kids in York County right now. They are in attics, basements, cars, storage spaces, and any type of shelter they can get.  . These moms are here, in your town, area, or county.

I have blessed Bridge of Hope to take on the challenge of getting these moms home.  You can form a mentor group in your church, volunteer your time, or give money and resources as I lead. Click on our donate now tab or contact us and let us know what YOU want to do.  Now is the time; You can help write more happy endings.  Let’s get them home!

All My Love,

Father God

This is a letter we wrote to tell Pamela’s story, God’s Story, through the life of her and her young daughter.  There is Hope! Will You Be part of that HOPE? GOD BLESS!