Bridge of Hope York County is no longer offering services and is closing. Families in York County may now contact Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area to apply for services.

The board of Bridge of Hope York County wishes to express gratitude to our supporters over the years who have helped change lives for moms and children facing homelessness. Thank you. 

We hope you will support the local work in the county now through Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area. To support families in York County go to

Are you a single mother with children facing homelessness in York County?

Apply for services at Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area:



Women & Children Served (Including a Few Dads/Men)


Neighboring Volunteers


Average Days to Move into Stable Housing


Average Months Families who Completed the Program were Served

Stories of Hope

Nayr’s Story

Nayr’s life had hit a dead end. Despite a full-time job, she was stuck, living out of their car with no prospects of improvement save one: Bridge of Hope. Participation would require her to let down her guard and trust others, she knew. Would Nayr, who prided herself for her independence, be able to open up and accept help?

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It’s the poor in America that aren’t doing well. That’s why Bridge of Hope’s ministry is so key. We’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else in the country. It’s an answer to prayer. Bridge of Hope is surrounding moms and helping them get their lives back together; absolutely a gift from on high! We desperately need churches that start to focus outward and support ministries like Bridge of Hope to help the poor help themselves.

Tom and Christine Sine, Authors and Speakers