Our Board

Timothy Fives

Board Chair chair@yorkboh.com

Tim is the President and CEO of Fives Squared, a business growth coaching and executive coaching business based in York, striving to help entrepreneurs and professionals.

A Board Member since 2016 and member of St. Joseph’s Parish, York, Tim’s  connection to Bridge of Hope is because…

“Much like you, I have this one life to live and I truly want to make the most of it. I have found that I am most alive, engaged and vibrant when I am servicing others by applying my gifts, strengths, creativity, and partnering with those who come into my life. While I am serving others, I too learn and grow.”

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Keith Katz

Board Treasurer treasurer@yorkboh.com

A Member of LCBC Church and Board Member since 2013, Keith is the owner of Quality Service Center in West York.  In addition to Treasurer, Keith leads the Golf Outing Committee.   Keith shared his passion for Bridge of Hope…

“Owning my own small business, I was looking for a way to give back. I was introduced to Bridge of Hope many years ago, and found helping homeless moms find a new life very rewarding.”


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Wendy Smith

Assistant Board Chair

A member of St. Joseph Church York, Wendy has served on the Board of Bridge of Hope since 2017.

“It has always been a passion of mine to do what I can to help meet the needs of others, whether it be spiritually, mentally or physically. Serving on the board for Bridge of Hope of York County allows me the opportunity to help meet the needs of single mothers and their children in our local community.”

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Greg Nicholas

Board Member

Greg is the owner of Nicholas Ins LLC Allstate Agency.
They have been serving the York community since 1983 with 2 locations in York.

A Board member since 2017, Greg and his family have a passion to serve others and help end homelessness in York county.

“We feel we are a part of Gods Hands and Feet serving Single Mom’s And Children in York County.”

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Marie Bell

Program Committee Chair

Marie is retired from Human Services and has served on the Board of Bridge of Hope since 2013.

“Many single mothers trying to cope with the challenges of homelessness need help from their community beyond the scope of crisis or emergency assistance. I believe our community has a responsibility to meet these needs as well. Having Bridge of Hope here in York County allows us to meet our responsibility in an effective way.”

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